“Women work more every day, by an average of TWO hours, ONE minute and THIRTY NINE seconds, to make the same as their male colleagues, according to the gender salary gap of 21%”

By using their  maths knowledgement, the 4th-year students verified this information and used this opportunity to tell us why they are striking on March 8th.
Here are the most outstanding reasons: 
-                 Because in the future, I want to earn the same money as my male colleagues for the same job.  
-          Because I´m sick of being worried all the time when I walk home alone in the evening. Because just for being a woman, I have a higher probability of being sexually assaulted.
-          Because I don´t want any more women to die because of abusive husbands, ex-husbands, boyfriends or whoever.
-          Women are as important as men. If the women disappear, the world would finish. We are essential. We have to have the same rights.
-          Because it is a day when women have to be missed, and support the feminist movement, so men will notice that they need us at work and at many other tasks.
-          I want to have the same rights. I want all the people to have the same rights.
-          I´m striking to demonstrate that the women have the same rights as men.
-          It´s necessary to mobilize to find equality and to do justice to women.
-          I´m striking because I want to stand up for the women´s rights.
-          I´m striking to make the vital role that women play in society visible.
-          I think it´s an important day, because this strike is about women but it´s also about equality between males and females. And all of us should strike against violence between genders, against the salary gap.
-          Because the people´s rights shouldn´t depend of the gender.
-          Because if we want to make the same money as men for the same work, we have to say it and show that we want to get it. Thanks to having said this type of things in the past we have improved until present.
-          Because they have to know that the world without us is impossible.
-          Because of equality between genders I don´t want  not to do nothing about it.


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