On 26 April students and teachers in the Biligual Programme took part in the first Gynkhana in English celebrated in our school.
More than seventy students in small groups tried to solve the challenges set by their teachers. Six classrooms hosted the different activities:
What's that song? , Ben's Karaoke Bar, About USA, Escape Room, Time Line and Electro Way.
For two hours they had to solve mahematical problems to get out of the room, create virtual circuits, complete the lyrics of a song and sing along, guess the title of the musical piece they were listening to, establish the correct time line for some important events in the history of UK and USA, match several words in British and American English and solve a puzzle of the USA map.
After a tight competition the winnig group was the one of Carla González, Niko Zivko (1º ESO), Noemí García (3º ESO), Celia Nieto and Silvia Menéndez (4º ESO).
We had fun!


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